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    mitro utsav 3 2016 24 dec 25 || આપ પણ જોડાવ અને બિજા ને પણ રજિસ્ટૅશન કરાવો || મિત્રો આપ સહુનો આભાર,ડૂમિયાણી ના મિત્રો નો આભાર || Welcome To BRS Gujarat.com || 

Our Support

We are organized to support student who are facing issue at colleges
please be frank with us to share your problems.

About BRS Team

Team brs is a association. association that make all people complete person . I like to explain this with a little story …. One day person goes to nominate his donkey to a big hours race .manager of this race says that donkeys .but this person confidently says that donkey will win the race .just give nomination to my donkey in race and gave them practice you would like donkey was nominated for race and treated like hours .daliy donkey eats kaaju and almonds like horses Read More..


Mansukhram Jobanputra

01-03-1898 to 01-08-1974

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